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Want to Secure Your Dream Engineering Job? Choose a Specialist Recruiter

Posted on September 2020


Searching for the perfect job is no simple task. Sometimes, all you want is the opportunity to get your foot in the door. When it comes to applying to the most successful engineering and infrastructure firms, where do you begin? After all, so many jobs are not publicly advertised, and competition is fierce. Who do you reach out to discover the best opportunities? And how can you ensure your resume gets in front of the right person or hiring manager?

A specialist recruiter will share insider knowledge

Enter the specialist recruiter. At LVI Associates, we have developed meaningful relationships with industry giants and budding start-ups and SMEs over many years. For the engineering and infrastructure professionals like you, this gives unique access to insider knowledge about the type of candidate leading companies are looking for. We can also answer your questions and give insights about company culture, leadership styles and even growth strategies – all at zero cost.

Particularly in this challenging climate, LVI Associates can advise on a company’s financial performance and stability, your market value, and whether your salary expectations are in line with your skills and experience.

A specialist recruiter will be your advocate

When searching for a new job, many of us apply to every and any role that seems half relevant, or interesting. This is not necessarily a wise strategy – your resume will not be tailored to the specific job at hand and will likely be rejected in the first stage by a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS).

In contrast, our specialist recruitment consultants will identify which roles are most applicable based on your skills and experience and tailor your resume to fit. From working alongside specific hiring managers for years, our specialist recruitment consultants will also know the language or information they are scanning for in your resume. This focused approach will make it more likely you succeed to interview.

At LVI Associates, our specialist recruitment consultants will often only receive a fee when they have successfully placed a candidate – and they have remained in the role for a period. For this reason, a specialist recruitment consultant will advocate strongly on your behalf and ensure that you are only put forwards for roles where you would make an excellent technical and cultural fit. This makes is much more likely that you truly have secured your dream engineering or infrastructure job.

A specialist recruiter will share exclusive roles

Specialist recruiters will often have access to engineering or infrastructure roles that are not publicly advertised. More than that, at LVI Associates firms will often chose our services to represent a role exclusively. This is due to our first-class track record of matching the best and brightest engineering and infrastructure talent in the market with industry-leading firms.

As with other leading companies, engineering and infrastructure firms rely on the headhunting skills of our specialist recruitment consultants to bring the top candidates to them. For employers, this saves time and money having to filter through hundreds or thousands of irrelevant or unqualified applications that result from advertising. For those lucky candidates that are put forwards, this means the hiring manager pays serious attention to your application.

Working with a specialist recruiter is the only way to access these exclusive roles. Get in touch with LVI Associates to discover how we can help you secure your dream engineering or infrastructure job.

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