10. Leverage social media   

Most employers and recruitment agencies are using social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, to source the right candidates. If you’re not using them in your job search, you’re missing opportunities. Searching for roles on social media increases your visibility to recruiters and companies and enables you to connect with companies in real-time.  


  1. Use Industry Hashtags: Are you using hashtags to accelerate your job hunt? These are a useful tool to help you find the right opportunities and spot the companies that are actively hiring. Hashtags can also be used to learn about the company, culture and to help you get noticed by your network. Try researching hashtags specifically for the industry you work in, e.g. #power, #energy, or hiring-related ones such as #engineeringjobs, #jobs #hiring. 

  2. Make use of LinkedIn stories: This new update from LinkedIn is being used by many companies to advertise their open vacancies.  

  3. Follow recruitment companies who work within your sector: AtLVI Associates we often advertise roles on our LinkedIn profile.  

Advice from LVI Associates:

Recruiters often have one specific niche that they focus on. Social media is a great tool to find specialists that cover your area of expertise. Talk to us and we will be happy to share advise on the ways you can leverage social media to help you stand out.

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