2020 Reflections: Looking Back to Move Forward

It’s tempting to enter 2021 with blind optimism, eager to put the challenges of 2020 behind us. However, to learn as much as possible from the adversities we all faced last year, we’d like to suggest that we begin 2021 with a brief period of reflection.

Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution this year, perhaps more can be achieved by reflecting on the challenges of 2020 and how those experiences will shape 2021 and beyond. From initially pausing to then accelerating projects throughout the year, to rapid advancements in energy technology, adaptation and learning was essential for engineering and infrastructure firms in 2020.

Along with the need to deliver critical resources, stability, and community safety, 2020 brought firms the new challenge of remote work and flexibility, something less common in the industry previously. Reflecting on these changes has created the potential for a lasting positive impact across engineering and infrastructure firms globally.

What has 2020 taught us? What does the future of the workplace hold for engineering firms? How can employers secure talent in this “new normal”?

At LVI Associates, these are the questions that have defined our daily conversations with clients, candidates, and our global workforce. Our new report, "2020 Reflections: Looking Back to Move Forward”, examines the lessons of 2020 to help drive success in the year ahead.

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