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How Working with a Specialist Recruiter Can Help Advance Your Career

Posted on March 2018

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​Upon reaching Senior Executive level, the number of opportunities available for career development begins to decrease, while the competition increases. As you reach the competitive leadership positions, it’s vital to differentiate yourself from the other candidates in the market.

In many circumstances, working with a specialist recruiter will help give you an edge when it comes to searching for a new job. A specialist recruiter has a specific network among the organizations within your market to help you get the most from the opportunities presented.

While job boards are undoubtedly a useful resource to begin identifying opportunities, most senior level roles are very rarely advertised online; but companies use their network and their recruitment agency’s network to seek the right people – often because many candidates who are right for the role are not actively seeking new opportunities.

With a recruiter, on the other hand, you will receive information about the relevant roles in the market and receive timely, direct feedback. The recruiter acts as a representative for both you and the hiring company; helping to improve the communication process, as well as ensuring that the company you are interested in is a good cultural fit for you.

There are several benefits a specialist recruiter can offer when looking for new opportunities.

1. They have the insight

A specialist recruiter will have a strong relationship with their client; making it their business to know the company inside out and being able to tell you exactly what the client is looking for.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – recruiters can be a source of in-depth market knowledge, giving you access to current industry trends or changes, which can give you the edge, should you need to tailor your resume and interview strategy to stand out from the competition.

2. Now and in the future

Nurturing a relationship with a recruiter can help you secure a position with promising prospects. From resume advice to salary guidance, a recruiter can update you on the market and show you how to leverage that to find the right role. A recruiter can also actively network for unadvertised opportunities that best fit your career goals.

To find a good recruiter, make the most of your own contacts – ask senior executives you know if they can recommend someone they have worked with before.

Networking with a specialist recruiter can also develop a long term relationship for future opportunities. In years to come, when you are ready for the next step, that consultant will still understand you, your requirements and the best next steps available to you.

3. They are selective

By nature recruiters are selective, they hand-pick the most suitable roles for their candidates to maximize success; reducing the competition and giving you a higher chance of being hired. Be open to networking with recruiters when you may not be actively looking; consultants can bring you the best opportunities, even if you may not be currently looking.

4. They know about jobs that are not advertised

At senior level, opportunities are not always advertised through traditional medium. Specialist recruitment consultants are privy to all of their client’s positions. This could be especially useful in situations where the vacancies that suit your skill set are few and far between.

Leading businesses often utilize agencies because it’s a more efficient way for them to hire the right person. Rather than hunting for opportunities that may not be visible online, you could save considerable time working with an expert.

5. Working in your interests

Listen to specialist recruiters, their expertise will help add to your knowledge of the current market and let you know what their clients are interested in. Once they have a clear idea of what you want from a role, a recruiter can prepare your resume and present it to several clients who meet your needs; it is worth taking the time to clearly define your needs and expectations with your recruiter.

Liaising with a recruitment partner can help increase the efficiency of your search. They are a partner for your long-term career progression, as well as when actively seeking an opportunity. In the same way that networking is often less effective if you just ramp up your activity when you want a job, reaching out to a recruiter and building a relationship with them over time could help you secure better opportunities in the future.


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