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Why You Should Always be Open to New Career Opportunities

Posted on June 2019 By Hanna Ito

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​“I’m not on the job market or looking to make a move at this time, but I’m always willing to listen.”

From what I’ve found working in the energy & infrastructure market for almost 2 years is that the majority of people in this industry aren’t actively looking for new opportunities/on the job market and/or are only passively open to exploring what may be out there... and that's completely fine! To be honest it's refreshing to hear that you're happy with where you are, especially amidst knowing there are individuals out there who aren't as lucky whether it be to layoffs/budget cuts, poor work culture, lack of motivation or just general job insecurity or unhappiness.

This definitely is something that sheds light on a couple of things worth recognizing:

  1. A big kudos to the companies in this industry that are keeping their workers happily employed and busy!

  2. The energy & infrastructure industry is a great one to be in with the high volume of work to be done to revolutionize the grid (after all – everyone needs power and engineering!)

  3. The race for experienced, top-level talent, in this space, has only become more competitive…

That being said if you’re not on the job market, the willingness to still listen or hear out a new opportunity, already puts you in the driver’s seat of the market for now (even if you may not need to be) and more importantly for the future. If there’s one thing anyone can agree on, it’s that timing is everything in this market.

So while you may not be interested in pursuing a new role, is there any harm in sparing five minutes of your day to hear what’s out there or pass it along to your friends to keep your network informed?

A message you pass along to your network with information about a new opportunity, could be passed along to another person who passes it onto their network, and by the end of a few forwarded along messages could end up in the inbox of a person who actually may be interested in pursuing it or could make a recommendation for someone who would be a good it.

You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain when you listen to what’s going on market wise in this industry. At the end of the day, only you know what would be the best career advancement for you, but you may be surprised to hear that “perfect dream job” you never thought existed out there is one that a recruiter or talent agent is reaching out to you about over LinkedIn or the phone.

In an industry where less than 48% of individuals are actually active on LinkedIn or update it – some of the best talent out there isn’t always easily accessible by one click or search! While the internet makes it easy to connect with individuals, I’ve found that actually speaking or meeting with someone/word of mouth always goes an extra mile. Networking is vital in this industry. It never hurts to make connections now especially if they may benefit you in the future.

About the author

Hanna Ito is an Associate Vice President at LVI Associates. She partners with utilities, engineering firms, and renewable energy firms to attract and retain senior level power engineering talent on their behalf nationwide. She specializes in the placement of substation and protection & control engineers. Get in touch with Hanna to learn more about the career opportunities that LVI Associates is currently working on.

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