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How to Resign From Your Job and Leave on Good Terms

Posted on November 2019

A woman smiling and shaking hands

​It is an exciting moment to get a job offer for a lucrative new position within the global infrastructure and engineering sector, but this can be mixed with a sense of foreboding when it comes to quitting your current role. If you are in a skilled position, your employer may be unhappy that they now need to seek your replacement.

However, if you make the right steps when handing in your notice, you can leave your role with your head held high, your boss singing your praises, and you may even have the opportunity to negotiate a shorter notice period.

If you are not sure about how to exactly leave your role in a manner which is graceful and will leave your professional reputation intact, follow these steps to resign from your position in a graceful and tactful way which will leave a lasting positive impression.

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