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How to Survive a Marathon Interview Process

Posted on June 2021

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​When hiring for a pivotal role that requires a range of skill sets or holds a lot of responsibility, multiple stakeholders will want to have an input in the decision being made. This has led to talented candidates within the infrastructure and engineering sector attending a day-long interview, which involves several rounds of questions mixed with tests, tasks, and a tour of company facilities.

Day-long interviews lead to smart and informed hiring choices but they can be a tiring prospect for candidates. If you have been invited to an all-day interview, it is vital to prepare in case there is a risk of getting burnout and fatigue after your first two rounds of interviews.

This resource provides tips on how to survive a marathon interview process. From what to bring with you to how to plan your day around ‘refresh’ breaks which will keep your brain on the ball and help you land your dream job!

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