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Clean Energy Insights

Posted on April 2023

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What are the workforce & hiring trends in the Renewables & Clean Energy industry?

There has never been a better time to work in renewable energy.

Worldwide employment in the industry grew by 700,000 between 2020-2021, and is expected to reach a colossal 38 million by 2030.

This growth creates an exciting opportunity for professionals and a potential headache for hiring managers, because demand for green energy talent is far outstripping supply.

However while competition for talent remains strong, companies can create compelling narratives to attract a diverse workforce and draw the next generation into their pipeline. Most employees say their sense of purpose is defined by their work and, when that work feels meaningful, they perform better and are less likely to look for a new role.

For clean energy professionals, or those looking to move into the industry, they are gaining more career choices and potentially higher salaries too.

In this report, we explore the clean energy workforce trends across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific, so that you can keep one step ahead — whether you’re planning your next hire or your next career move.

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