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Bridging the Gap in the Telecommunications World

Posted on August 2023

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​In the rapidly evolving landscape of the telecommunications industry, it's interesting to see how different experience levels play distinct roles. A noticeable disparity has emerged; while there is an abundance of professionals with over two decades of experience, demand is particularly soaring for those around the ten-year mark.

But why is this the case, and how can we encourage a new pipeline of talent to secure the future of the telecommunications industry? LVI Associates takes a look.

The Tech-Savvy Generation

Those with roughly a decade of experience in telecommunications are the ones who witnessed the dawn of personal computers in households and the internet's explosive growth during their adolescent years. Essentially, they are the generation that has naturally adapted to technology's leaps and bounds, making them crucial assets to modern firms. Their affinity for tech means they can quickly grasp tools like Revit in the telecommunications world, streamlining processes and innovating at a pace that can match today’s rapid technological advancements.

Shaping the Future

While the past remains unchangeable, our current efforts can shape a promising future. One clear strategy is to instill enthusiasm for technology among younger generations. Encouraging Electrical undergraduates and even high school seniors to delve deep into technology careers is pivotal. Not only does this present them with lucrative career opportunities, but it also ensures that the industry has a consistent influx of fresh minds, eager to innovate.

Investing in Skills Development

Another strategy to address this skills gap is to encourage professionals, like Electrical Designers or CAD/BIM Technicians, to pursue the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification. This is no small task – it calls for significant investments in terms of both time and money from companies. Yet, the returns in terms of skillset enhancement and ensuring quality output are immense.

The Future is Smart

The drive towards more interconnected and smart systems is undeniable. With the rise of Smart Buildings and an increasing number of systems integrating into networks, the industry is poised for explosive growth. However, this potential can only be realized if we, the stakeholders of the telecommunications industry, make concerted efforts to usher more individuals into this burgeoning field. The demand for state-of-the-art Building Systems is ever-increasing; meeting it requires both seasoned experts and fresh talent.

Working with LVI Associates

​The telecommunications world is at a crucial crossroads. By focusing on both the young tech-savvy generation and upskilling current professionals, we can ensure that the industry not only keeps pace with technological advancements but also thrives and innovates. The future is bright – and for organizations looking to hire the best talent, reaching out to an expert is crucial. Request a call back from Jack Doherty at LVI Associates, and let’s ensure that your team is ready to shape and harness the future.

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