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Green Careers in Germany: A Deep Dive into the Renewable Energy Sector

Posted on December 2023

Renewable Energy in Germany

Germany, a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, has set ambitious targets to transition towards a more sustainable and green economy. The German government aims to cover the country’s entire electricity supply with green electricity by 2035.

The energy transition and the decarbonization of the economy have generated a wide range of new career opportunities in Germany’s key industries. There is a high demand for internationally qualified professionals with an awareness of sustainability to fill these “green jobs”. These careers span across various sectors, including renewable energy production, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

Types of Renewable Energy in Germany

Germany’s renewable energy is mainly based on wind, biomass, solar, and hydro. In 2019, 46% of the country’s electricity mix came from these sources. The bulk of the clean power came from onshore and offshore wind capacity (24.4%), followed by solar (9%) and biomass (8.7%), with the remainder stemming from hydropower.

To achieve Germany's renewable energy goals, organizations are actively seeking to recruit international skilled workers to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. Currently, it faces a shortage of around 216,000 skilled workers needed for the expansion of the solar and wind energy sectors, according to a study by the German organization, KOFA.

Aligning Talent with Business Goals and National Targets

The success of Germany’s renewable energy targets heavily relies on the availability of skilled professionals in the green sector. Businesses need to align their talent acquisition strategies with their sustainability goals and the overall national targets. Hiring the right talent is crucial for businesses to innovate, remain competitive, and contribute to Germany’s green transition.

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