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Data Center Growth Report

Posted on April 2024

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​In 2023, nearly 100tn gigabytes of data were created and consumed, and that figure will nearly double by 2025. Every day, we send vast amounts of data, such as files, emails, photos, and videos, adding to an already enormous amount of digital information. From articles published online to crypto tokens traded, everything runs through a data center.

Data centers act as essential nerve centers, managing the storage, processing, and distribution of this exponential growth - and their significance will only continue to grow as technological advancements continue and connectivity will increase. With ongoing innovation and increasing efficiency, data center operators face a number of challenges, including escalating energy consumption, upcoming infrastructure projects on the horizon, and the intricacies of regulatory compliance.

All of these challenges are coupled with the need for the right talent to be able to take on and solve those challenges, ultimately delivering the design, engineering, construction, and maintenance in the data center industry. With an acute shortage of skilled professionals, attracting and retaining top talent is imperative for industry stakeholders.

Our report takes you through some of these issues, including:

  • Industry & talent hotspots in Europe, the USA, and APAC

  • Energy consumption of data centers: coping strategies for the increasing demand of data centers for energy

  • Infrastructure development: building supporting infrastructure and making it more sustainable

  • Regulatory landscape: addressing environmental concerns and data sharing & security issues​

  • Addressing talent shortages: 5 ways data center organizations can tackle the industry's tight talent pool

​​​Download the report here:

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