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Engineering jobs

LVI Associates specializes in engineering recruitment. Our dedicated, expert recruiters work from global hubs in key locations, working to delivery talent for engineering jobs all over the world. We have helped to build exciting and fulfilling careers in all areas of the engineering sector, connecting talented individuals with the organizations where they will be most able to thrive. Working with a specialist recruiter makes the process of finding the right engineering jobs simple and straightforward - and increases the opportunities you’ll have to connect with that dream role. Leveraging talent, experience and expertise to help secure opportunities is what a specialist engineering recruiter such as LVI Associates does best.

Effective, efficient support

First established back in 2012, LVI Associates has a wealth of recruitment experience and has developed specialist in connecting top professionals with exciting engineering jobs. In that time the firm, has also carefully nurtured connections across the industry with engineers, project managers, directors and originators in key businesses, from the agile and innovative to large global firms. As part of the Phaidon International group, LVI Associates is the go-to recruitment partner of choice for many world learning companies, and engineering professionals. It’s from networks like these - robust and trusted - where the engineering jobs with the most potential are likely to come from.

Reimagining a more empowered hiring process

The experience that LVI Associates has with engineering jobs and the individuals and organizations that populate this industry has allowed the firm to take a new approach to the process of hiring. The priority remains connecting talented people with organizations where they are likely to be the best fit. However, the firm has found that focusing more on providing a streamlined and information-driven experience tends to yield the most positive outcomes. As a result, all those who are involved in talent acquisition with LVI Associates are empowered with the knowledge and information to be true market specialists and trusted partners in your career journey.

LVI Associates also believes in empowering its own people, providing ongoing training to ensure high levels of aptitude and investing in best-in-class recruitment technology to support precise, fast and accurate recruitment support. The end result is a highly effective team with a global reach working to help secure career enhancing opportunities for talented people looking for engineering jobs.

A specialist in engineering recruitment

LVI Associates specializes in engineering jobs and the firm’s experience extends across the entire engineering and infrastructure sectors. From building services and renewable energy to construction and transportation, forensics, water and environmental and power, the firm provides consistent, expert support to candidates who are looking to make career defining next moves. A range of opportunities are available, whether on a permanent or contract basis - working with a specialist recruitment partner such as LVI Associates puts the power in your hands when it comes to taking the next steps in your engineering career. Contact our team if you’d like to find out more about where we can help.