Why Employers Need to Act Now to Stay Ahead

Posted on June 2020

Employers, Act Now to Ease Labor Pressures

There’s no doubt about it, labor pressures are here to stay. Yes, in this time of crisis businesses have had to close doors, implement hiring freezes, or let staff go—resulting in millions of people flooding the job market or filing for unemployment. However, markets are beginning to recover and as countries reopen, businesses will need high-quality employees to relaunch and recover.

For their long-term success and survival, businesses should be taking every opportunity they can to keep and source critical talent. The only way to achieve that is by using movement in the job market to continue to recruit and hire.

Of course, employers face the difficult challenge of finding the right talent. As unemployment rises, employers face a flood of unqualified job applications. This is not a good problem to have. Crucial recovery time will be spent sorting through these applications to find those with the necessary skills and experience to fulfill business-critical, knowledge-worker roles.

However, this problem will not go away in the next 6-to-12 months as the recession deepens. Employers will need strong internal and external guidance to find, attract, and keep the right people. Download the full guide, covering:

  • There is still a talent shortage – waiting means losing out

  • Downsizing threatens innovation

  • Preparing for a talent exodus

  • The window of opportunity is closing