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Ready to Reopen? Help Employees Back to the Office with these Six Steps

Posted on August 2020

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As Covid-19 has swept the globe, engineering, construction and infrastructure professionals have emerged as some of the pandemic’s heroes. Thanks to their tireless efforts, vital projects have kept nations fed, the power on, and roofs over our heads. The public health crisis has demonstrated an increased need for digital construction – remote solutions would enable less of the engineering and construction workforce to be onsite. In fact, several governments, including the UK, have chosen to invest in new technologies as part of their fiscal stimulation plans.

While much of the engineering and construction workforce is already on the ground, many of those in the design and development stages are still working from home. As many businesses in other sectors begin to transition their employees back to the office, how can you support the rest of your workforce’s return?

At LVI Associates, we had the same questions for our Singapore employees back in March. How could we return our engineering recruitment specialists back to the office, while prioritizing their safety and wellbeing? After many hours talking to local experts, our clients and our employees, we developed a best course of action to take – and we want to share what we learned with you.

Cut through the noise and confusion. Download this free guide for six simple steps you need to prepare to REOPEN.

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