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Engineering recruiter

LVI Associates is a specialist engineering recruiter working with organizations across the engineering and infrastructure sectors. The firm partners with companies focusing on key talent acquisitions that will enable expansion and growth, nurturing workforces that have the resilience and skills to fulfill potential. Extensive experience in engineering recruitment has made the firm a go-to partner for top firms looking to secure talented engineering professionals. With consultants working out of global hubs all over the world, LVI Associates is an engineering recruiter with the resources and networks to support a truly international industry.

Engineering - an expanding sector

Disruption, technology and the influence of competitors all place pressure on businesses within the engineering sector. Engineering is a solutions driven industry, whether that relates to transport or energy, and there is a constant need to fuel innovation and progress. People provide the power for any organization in this sector, which is why hiring is so important, whether the enterprise is large or small. LVI Associates is a specialist engineering recruiter and has worked with firms across the industry ensuring that talent pipelines are healthy, and that our clients secure top engineers for their teams.

Effective recruitment

Building teams can take years and require extensive networks and great depth of understanding in terms of where to seek out the best talent. LVI Associates support businesses in overcoming these obstacles and ensuring that the process of hiring is precise, swift and accurate. The firm has access to an extensive network of highly skilled potential candidates with the experience to meet expectations for roles across the engineering sector. LVI Associates has also spent time refining the candidate experience, in order to ensure a positive reputation among the most talented people. Individuals are empowered to take the next steps in their career with organizations where they are likely to be the best fit - for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Extensive reach

With consultants based in key locations all over the world, LVI has an extensive reach when it comes to supporting the hiring process for our clients. Our areas of specialist recruitment expertise include engineering recruitment in construction, forensics, building services, renewable energy, transportation, water and environment and power. The firm’s expert consultants are highly trained to ensure they are sector specialists and work with best-in-class technology to sustain high service levels. LVI Associates is a go to engineering recruiter for organizations and candidates throughout the sector thanks to this commitment to standards and people.

The pressures of talent acquisition can be intense for organizations today and working with a specialist engineering recruiter like LVI Associates can help to relieve some of this. We can support your organization through workforce transitions and growth and help you to identify the best combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions to help fuel development and business-critical projects.