• Finding a company culture that fits 

    7 days ago

    For professionals seeking a new job, it’s often factors like salary, the day-to-day of the role itself, and the company brand that are central to the decision process. But each company has its own culture, customs, and values, even if they aren’t clearly defined, and they actually have more of an influence on your productivity, success, and even earnings than might be immedi...

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    Company Culture
  • Phaidon International Findings

    about 1 month ago

    ​As a leading talent partner, we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to hiring trends, and 2022 was no exception. It has never been more important for companies to understand what business-critical professionals are thinking when it comes to making career changes, what compensation they’re after, and what benefits they really desire.We surveyed our vast, global networ...

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  • ​How to Win Top Talent in a Competitive Market  

    about 2 months ago

    Covering what top talent in the Civil market is thinking, LVI Vice President Dylan Mather discussed the challenges hiring managers face specifically within Transportation Engineering when seeking to win talent at this year’s ACEC Conference. It’s never been more competitive and more important to value your workforce, and be valued at work, which is why as a top talent pa...

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    Lvi Blog Post
  • LVI Associates Industry Insights Report

    3 months ago

    ​​By the industry, for the industry - The top career trends shaping Engineering & Infrastructure across North America.

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  • LVI Associates Partners with ACEC for 2022 Fall Conference

    4 months ago

    ​LVI Associates is honored to partner with ACECagain this year ahead of their 2022 Fall Conference. The conference, taking place in Marco Island, FL, will bring together engineering leaders and professionals from top firms across the US for three days of networking, thought leadership, and education. Our team is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with clients in-per...

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  • Strategies on how to attract and retain female talent in engineering

    5 months ago

    Covering the state of diversity in the transportation market, LVI Associates Principal Consultant Sarah Davis discusses the challenges hiring managers and job seekers face within engineering, as well as how firms can attract female talent in a competitive market, and the importance of retention.60% of women say they have never negotiated their salary according to CNBC, and w...

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    Women In Engineering
  • Negotiating the salary you deserve 

    6 months ago

    When seeking a new job, it’s imperative to know the market, understand where you fit within it, and form a realistic salary expectation to stick to. A good talent partner will help you to know your worth within the industry and organization you’re interviewing for and will assist with communicating those expectations back to the hiring manager, but no one is a better advocat...

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    Neg Salary
  • Larson Maddox, Regulatory & Legal talent partner expands into APAC

    9 months ago

    ​​​Under Phaidon International group, alongside LVI Associates, Regulatory and Legal talent partner Larson Maddox has now expanded its services across the Asia Pacific region, by setting up dedicated teams in Hong Kong and Singapore. The expansion in the Asia Pacific region will enable Larson Maddox to support the growing hiring demands in the regulatory and legal sector. “W...

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  • The Case for Sustainable Business Practice

    9 months ago

    ​Engineering a sustainable future. The world relies on engineering and infrastructure, but both disciplines can have an impact on the climate, with estimates pointing to 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions that stem from infrastructure. How can engineering and infrastructure be a catalyst for meaningful change and scale down the atmospheric temperature rise? The answer co...

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  • How to Make a Great First Impression in Your New Job

    10 months ago

    ​Starting a new role in the global infrastructure and engineering sector is a time of optimism and potential, so it makes no sense to waste it on making a bad first impression on your first day of work. It is important to view your first day as an extension of your interview, and arriving on time and looking your best will only make a positive impression.However, there is mo...

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    Lvi How To Make A Great First Impression In A New Job
  • LVI Associates Industry Insights - Deep Dive into Roofing & Waterproofing

    11 months ago

    ​Jennifer Keegan, Director of Building & Science in Roofing & Waterproofing for GAF joined LVI’s Sarah Lazar to discuss how to break the glass ceiling in this male dominated industry as part of International Women’s Day celebrations. ​Watch the video or read our short summary here. ​Progression and opportunities to learn​Wherever there is an opportunity to learn and problem-...

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  • LVI Associates Industry Insights - The future of façade engineering

    12 months ago

    A video series deep dive into a multitude of sectors across engineering & infrastructure Sarah Lazar, Principal Consultant, Forensic Structural & Building Enclosures, LVI Associates, interviews a host of engineering & infrastructure industry experts in our collection of videos. Vicente Montes-Amoros, PE, LEED AP, BD+C, Structural & Façade Engineer at Curtain Wall Design...

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    Walkie Talkie Building 2
  • Why Counter-Offers are a Waste of Time and Money

    about 1 year ago

    ​The global engineering and infrastructure sector has a busy market where skilled candidates, particularly with those who have experience in new and emerging technologies, are high in demand. If you face a note of resignation in your inbox, it is tempting as an employer to send back a counter-offer to retain your most valuable employees on the payroll.The sad reality is that...

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    5 Reasons Why Counter Offers Are A Waste Of Time And Money
  • The Benefits of Using a Specialist Recruiter to Find Talent

    about 1 year ago

    ​Sourcing the right talent at the right time can prove arduous for any company. But the process becomes even more challenging when you work within a niche industry or sector. In these situations, a specialist recruiter can help find the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill role.There are several benefits a specialist recruiter can offer when looking to find niche talent:Deep...

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  • How to Decide if a Job Offer is Worth Taking

    about 1 year ago

    ​A job offer is a great accomplishment, especially if you have devoted a significant amount of effort to crafting resumes and cover letters, studying potential employers and positions, preparing for presentations, and attending interviews, especially for higher-level positions. However, before making a final commitment, there are some essential factors to contemplate.A job o...

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    7 Ways To Decide If A Job Offer Is Worth Taking
  • Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure: The Road Ahead for Transportation Engineering

    about 1 year ago

    Critically improving transportation conditions Making recent headline news around the world, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides unprecedented federal funding for infrastructure projects across the US. The bi-partisan bill, which has been years in the making, will deliver $1.2 trillion in federal spending over the next five years across a variety of in...

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  • How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

    over 1 year ago

    ​Quitting your role within the infrastructure and engineering sector can be a challenge. On one hand, you may wish to provide constructive feedback on why you have decided to leave your role. One the other, you don’t want to risk offending your bosses and end up with a negative job reference.It is also important to maintain a strong network within the sector, and you need to...

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    How To Leave A Job Without Burning Bridges
  • LVI Associates Partners with ASCE Ahead of Dallas Golf Tournament

    over 1 year ago

    ​If you have any questions about the event, get in touch with our team by filling out the form below:

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  • LVI Associates Partners with ITE for Upcoming Webinar

    over 1 year ago

    The LVI Associates team is thrilled to partner with the Institute of Transportation Engineers again for the upcoming webinar, "Strategies to Attract and Retain Female Talent". In the current hybrid landscape, prioritizing diversity in the workplace is more important than ever. The webinar will address challenges women are facing in the engineering space, and will outline st...

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  • New to the Market: Phaidon International Launches Dedicated Regulatory and Legal Talent Partner, Larson Maddox 

    over 1 year ago

    ​LVI Associates's parent company, Phaidon International, has recently revealed the launch of Larson Maddox – a specialist subsidiary talent partner for the Regulatory and Legal market.  Adding to the group portfolio, Larson Maddox sharpens the award-winning firm’s service offering and provides a platform for exponential growth.  Phaidon International Group COO, Steve Yende...

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