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Regenerating the Workforce at WEFTEC 2019

Posted on December 2019

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​ In September, LVI Associates attended the 92nd Water Environmental Federation Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) in Chicago. More than 20,000 people from across the globe were in attendance. The theme of this year’s conference was focused around ReGeneration Workforce, with the goal to work together to “Regenerate and Reinvigorate the water workforce, providing solutions for workplace development, diversity and inclusion in the water sector.” As part of this, the 2019 Conference saw the introduction of the Workforce Pavilion which was used to present topical discussions and help support personnel within the industry. As part of this, two of LVI Associates’ team, Matt Phillips and Lewis Bassett, attended the conference to guest speak at four workshops. The topics covered by Matt and Lewis during the Workforce Pavilion were:

1. Maintaining your workforce

This was a topical issue focused around how companies can concentrate on maintaining their workforce and what reasons/motivations LVI are currently seeing that are causing people to leave their firm. LVI have found the majority of reasons that people were leaving firms were all issues that could have been prevented prior to the employees departure.

2. Benefits of Credentialing – PE Licenses

The PE License has been in ever-growing demand within the Civil industry and Matt and Lewis set out to discuss the importance of obtaining the professional engineering license and what issues people have faced around obtaining their license.

3. Supply and Demand of The Workforce

Within the civil engineering market, there is an ever-increasing need for engineers with experience in and around the 10-year mark. When the 2007-08 economic crisis hit the US, civil projects got hit hard and resulted in a lack of work and opportunities for those in the market. Consequently, it meant a lot of those graduating at the time moved away from the market and put their attentions elsewhere. Fast forward 5-10 years and there is now a gap within the industry of engineers who would be on the brink of project management/leadership. With certain experience/ criteria needed for projects and PE licensing, it has put a strain on firms and resulted in stretching vast workloads over a limited number of engineers.

4. How to approach a job search

Starting a job search can be a daunting process, especially whilst you are still employed. We discussed the approach we would suggest and also answered questions that people had around how to improve their resume.

LVI Associates’ consultants are experts in their markets. Reach out to Matt Phillips or one of his team today for any of your hiring or career advice needs.


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