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ELEVATE 2019: How to Attract Talent in Today's Dynamic Marketplace

Posted on December 2019

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​At the beginning of November, our Head of Heavy Civil Construction, William Shephard, was asked to speak at the ELEVATE: Heavy Work conference by Command Alkon. ELEVATE delivers a comprehensive set of educational and motivational sessions that appeal directly to executive leaders, project owners, and operational management across the heavy work community.

“I was honored to be asked to speak at Elevate: Heavy Work Conference,” said Shephard, “In an increasingly competitive market it is more important than ever that companies engage with effective recruitment strategies!”

Bringing a wealth of experience recruiting for top ENR contractors like Walsh, Balfour Beatty, Lane & PCL, Shephard's session was based on "Finding & Retaining the Best Talent in Today's Dynamic Marketplace", addressing the key frustrations that all engineering and construction firms are currently finding.

Firstly, Shephard discussed how companies can successfully attract and retain professionals in industries that are experiencing an alarming talent shortage. The National Association of Manufacturing and Deloitte predict that, in manufacturing alone, there will be 3.5 million new jobs by 2025. They expect that up to 60% of these could go unfilled.

Shephard stressed that that organizations can must change their attitudes towards relocation, engage with social media, and be an advocate for their industry to overcome their talent challenges.

He also urged companies to think about they tailor their hiring process to ensure success. “It is often overlooked how important a timely and well-structured hiring process is to securing top talent, particularly in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Shephard.

Finally, Shephard offered some tips on how organization can retain their best people by adopting increasingly popular benefits, such as increased flexibility in working hours, and creating innovative ways to make sure employees feel appreciated and fulfilled.


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