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The Case for Sustainable Business Practice

Posted on May 2022 By LVI Associates

Sustainable Business Practice

Engineering a sustainable future. 

The world relies on engineering and infrastructure, but both disciplines can have an impact on the climate, with estimates pointing to 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions that stem from infrastructure. 

How can engineering and infrastructure be a catalyst for meaningful change and scale down the atmospheric temperature rise? The answer could lie in getting the right people in place to collectively tackle the climate crisis.  

Our latest guide, The Case for Sustainable Business Practice, explores our key insights and topics covering: 

  • Global Initiatives: The Next Phase of Sustainable Transformation

  • A New Dawn for Engineering

  • Auditing the Carbon Footprint

  • Companies Leading the Charge

  • A Concrete Case for Digitalization

  • Green Jobs: New Ways to Conduct Business

  • Sustainable Talent

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