• The Future of Façade Engineering: Embracing Change and Engaging Expertise

    6 months ago

    As a hiring manager in the built environment industry, you're no stranger to the importance of façade engineering. This crucial discipline, straddling both architecture and engineering, plays a transformative role in shaping our buildings and urban landscapes. With the ever-evolving nature of construction and design technology, the field of façade engineering is also poised ...

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  • ​How to Win Top Talent in a Competitive Market  

    11 months ago

    Covering what top talent in the Civil market is thinking, LVI Vice President Dylan Mather discussed the challenges hiring managers face specifically within Transportation Engineering when seeking to win talent at this year’s ACEC Conference. It’s never been more competitive and more important to value your workforce, and be valued at work, which is why as a top talent pa...

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  • Water Services Firm Gets 46% More Female Applicants Using This Trick

    over 3 years ago

    ​Thames Water, a UK water services firm, has seen a surge of female applicants after removing gendered words from its job adverts.The water services firm was struggling to attract female applicants to its frontline roles. Last year, only 8% of applicants for sewage works technicians came from women. After investigating why interest was so low, Thames Water used an online too...

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  • How Artificial Intelligence Reinforces Hiring Bias

    almost 4 years ago

    "We talk about AI as if humans aren’t involved, but it’s really the decisions that humans are making." –Joy BuolamwiniAre AI recruitment tools eliminating hiring bias or making it worse? Over the years, the recruitment and hiring process has become more sophisticated. New software has emerged to supercharge hiring through automation. Free from human constraints, artificial ...

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  • Can AI Boost Diversity in Engineering?

    almost 4 years ago

    Used correctly, artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies increase the diversity of their candidate pools. Should more engineering firms being using artificial intelligence to do the same? It's no secret that engineering has a diversity problem. In STEM, less than a quarter of the workforce are women and only 9.9% are women of color. As we explored in the first part of...

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  • To interview or not to interview: how to decide whether to go for a job that may not seem perfect

    over 4 years ago

    ​Here’s your dilemma: a recruiter or hiring manager has come across your CV. They found you on LinkedIn and approaches you with an interview opportunity that you haven’t sought out. The problem is that the role doesn’t seem, well, perfect. It’s not exactly what you want, and you didn’t even apply for it. So what do you do? Do you go for the interview or not? Candy Choong, Di...

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