How Artificial Intelligence Reinforces Hiring Bias

"We talk about AI as if humans aren’t involved, but it’s really the decisions that humans are making." Joy Buolamwini

Are AI recruitment tools eliminating hiring bias or making it worse? Over the years, the recruitment and hiring process has become more sophisticated. New software has emerged to supercharge hiring through automation. Free from human constraints, artificial intelligence promises to alleviate workload and increase the diversity of candidate pools. But despite what we like to believe, machines are far from neutral.

In the conclusion of the three part series, Advancing Women of Color in STEM, we take a data-dive into how artificial intelligence furthers hiring bias. Inside How Artificial Intelligence Reinforces Hiring Bias you'll discover:

  • The impossible promise of artificial intelligence

  • Why artificial intelligence is not neutral

  • How commercial facial recognition software is primed for lighter-skinned faces

  • The need for data-set validation and auditing

  • How to avoid furthering bias when using artificial intelligence